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What is yoga?

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Yoga focuses on combining breath and movement, while also placing emphasis on strength and flexibility to enhance both physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga is often described as a moving meditation in that the practice invites practitioners to remain focused on their breath and movement to promote staying present and mindful. People practice yoga for many reasons, including to exercise, practice mindfulness, and regulate their nervous system.

What if I am new to yoga?

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No problem! Many people think that they need to be flexible to begin yoga or feel intimidated that they don’t know the names of the poses, but all you truly need is a desire to learn and an open mind!

What are the benefits of yoga?

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Physical benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, balance, and coordination, improved strength, and enhanced mobility. 

Mental and emotional benefits include decreased stress and anxiety, improved patience and  concentration promotes presence and mindfulness, and emphasizes a mind/body connection.

What should I bring to class?

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Water and a yoga mat are all you need! If you’d like a hand towel to wipe off sweat during Vinyasa, we suggest you bring one. We provide shared blocks and blosters, and if you don't have a mat, we have mats for sale or rental mats for $5!

What do I wear?

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Wear clothes that you are free to breathe, move, and stretch in. Most women wear leggings and a tank top or tshirt, and most men wear shorts and a tshirt or tank top. Please remove your shoes before entering the yoga room. 

Do I need to book beforehand?

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Yes! We ask that you please book beforehand either directly on our website or by using the Mindbody App. If no clients are booked for a class one hour prior to the start of class time, out of respect for our instructors’ time, the class will be canceled. Check out our Class Schedule here. BOOK A CLASS

What if I am late?

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Please arrive on time. We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of class to ensure you have time to store your belongings, set up your mat, and be ready to go at the start of class time. If you arrive late, please enter quietly and put your mat down close to the entrance, if possible, so as to not disturb the rest of the class. 

If you’re more than 10 minutes late to a yoga class, we will ask that you reschedule. For meditation, we will close the doors promptly at the start of class and not allow late members to join as arriving late delays the start of class and is disruptive to other students.

What if I can’t make it to class anymore?

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No worries, we understand that life happens. All you have to do is cancel your class booking. We ask that you cancel at least two hours prior to the start of class so that others who may be waiting to book have the opportunity to attend. If you no-show, you will lose your class. 

Is there any other yoga etiquette I should know?

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Please remove your shoes prior to entering the yoga room.

Turn your cell phone off or on silent. 

Don’t skip Savasana! Savasana, final rest, is a very important part of your practice that allows you to integrate your experience. If you must leave early and skip savasana, please tell the instructor beforehand and exit the room prior to savasana so as to not disrupt other students.


What is a Sound Bath exactly & Why is it called a Bath?

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Like a massage, which delivers healing through physical touch, sound healing therapy is a form of sensory therapywhich has been used by various cultural groups for centuries.Music, sound waves, vibrations, frequencies and special instruments are played in therapeutic ways, and combined with deep self-reflection techniques to improve health and overall well-being.

The Gong is one of man’s most powerful and oldest transformational and therapeutic instruments. It has been used for ritual, ceremony, prayer, and meditation since the Bronze Age. While its sound is relaxing and calming, centering and energizing, transforming and healing, gongs have been used in sound meditation, vibrational therapy, and yoga from the distant past to now, more common in the present.

Here at The Serenity Space we offer an hour long immersion as a group class, called a “Sound Bath Meditation”. We begin the session with a guided meditation, and light breathwork, followed by resting on a yoga mat while your body and mind relax, while instruments are played for a period of time. It is a beautiful event, and something you need to experience! If you struggle to meditate our find peace within, this is something that will help you.

How does it work?

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The Gong generates powerful multi-dimensional ripples of sound that grow into waves and bathe your entire body in streams of sound. It has helped many to quiet the mind, and enter a deep and relaxing state – calming anxiety, stress and other emotional and physical ailments.

Any science supporting it?

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Yes! If you think of how ultrasounds have been used in western medicine for centuries, it has a similar foundation. Sound waves are used to penetrate through our skin, muscles, nerves, etc.

When the gong metal is being played (ie “excited”), electrons become highly charged electromagnetically and form a field of Plasmon (according to the late physicist David Bohm). The plasma field is being created off the gong and the listener becomes part of the field. Metal is the only material known where the electrons leave their atoms and join other atoms. When the vibrational activity of the gong ends, the electrons ‘go back’ to their original atoms. Once the gong comes to rest, the Plasmons and the energy field collapses. When the gong is revved up again the Plasmon field expands and intensifies. Participants of the event are being electromagnetically charged in a positive, benevolent and holistic fashion. Many walk away with a natural buzz that in some cases have lasted for a week.

Ready to try it? See our schedule for our next available group class.


What is The Table all about?

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Our custom designed Vibrational Sound Table features high-powered frequency speakers that emit a low frequency deep into the body that comes across as a physical vibration. While wearing headphones playing syncopated therapeutic music you will experience a full mind-body and emotional experience for a true therapeutic modality. It is a high-grade hybrid design that works with all body types, ages and experience levels.

What should I expect during a session?

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After your Sound Therapist designs your private session, your experience begins while laying on our custom Vibrational Sound Table. In sync with the vibrations of the table, you will be provided headphones for listening to healing music and frequencies for further immersion.  You will start with setting intentions and breathwork to ease into the rest of your session, relaxing and experiencing the healing tones flowing through you.

How long are the sessions?

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We offer sessions ranging from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your specific needs.

Is there science/medical use to support this?

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Yes! Sounds, frequencies, and vibrations have been used for ages to heal the body, mind, and spirit from the times of ancient societies to modern-day. Scientists and Doctors have proven the benefits of sound frequencies and vibrations in cutting edge technology and healing programs across the planet.

Ready to try it?

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You can book an appointment with us directly on the Mindbody App. BOOK HERE

Or if you'd like help, feel free to call us for assistance (916) 261-9622.

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