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Meet the beautiful souls ready to inspire and challenge you.

Meet Paula

My yoga practice started in 2016. Being an athlete my whole life I found the practice to be challenging and humbling. With most things, I felt like I needed to be good at it. So I dove into the practice until at one point I was on my mat six days a week.

While I started for the physical benefits I never realized how much more I would get out of it. Yes, of course the connection to body and breath and spirit, but also community. Yoga reminded me that I didn’t have to compete against anyone, even myself. I didn’t need to be good at it, I just needed to show up, always do my best, and have grace. Oh, how that carried over to everything else in my life. This practice grounded me while I was in my 20’s and lost, and reminded me of the power and strength in me.

I took my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2019, and a second in 2023. Teaching has been just as rewarding humbling as my personal practice.

Outside of yoga I love to connect with loved ones, be in nature, dance, be silly and practice other formats of movement and exercise. I look forward to flowing, playing and connecting with you all!

Meet Jonelle

My path to yoga began after an injury left me unable to dance professionally. Dancing was once my physical expression of joy, my therapy in motion. Without it, I felt lost. Stepping into my first yoga class in 2005, reignited the fire within my soul and brought me closer to my purpose. Through breath, focusing the mind and exploring poses, I was able to come home within my own body.

I knew that I wanted to share this gift and enrolled in teacher training in 2023. Today, yoga has seamlessly morphed into my form of dance and shapes the inspiration behind the classes I teach. Yoga serves as a constant reminder that life is not linear and neither is our healing. It is an honor to serve as a conduit of the path but you are your life’s greatest teacher. My hope is that your journey on your mat will nurture the flames within your soul, illuminating it brighter than ever before.

When I’m not practicing yoga you can find me with the love of my life and our four wonderful children. I enjoy making art, spending time in nature and deep conversations about nothing. 

Meet Jarely

¡Bienvenidos/Welcome! Movement has been a part of my life since I was 6, starting with gymnastics and soccer. Through those early years, I discovered the joys of staying active, but it wasn't until I found yoga in 2017 that I truly felt the transformative power of movement. Yoga quickly became my haven, a place where I found solace, wiped away tears, and learned to nurture the most important relationship—with myself.

Now, as a guide, my mission is to create a cozy, welcoming space for everyone, especially my fellow Latina sisters. Being a first-generation Mexican American, I know firsthand the struggle of carving out time for self-care. In my classes, I don't just teach asanas—I share moments of breath and connection that go beyond the physical. I believe each inhale and exhale is a step on the path to self-discovery and well-being. So come join me on this journey. Your presence isn't just valued; it's celebrated with open arms. 

When I’m not practicing yoga you can find me reading at a coffee shop or running with my pup, Reese. 

Meet Hannah

My recent years have often felt defined by my mental health struggles, but yoga has been my saving grace. Having a practice I can turn to when everything feels like it’s crumbling around me has helped shift my perspective from “my world is falling apart” to “the pieces are falling into place”. Life is a never ending battle of wins and loses, but my goal is to share my practice and flow alongside others cultivating the one thing that is eternal: the mind, the body, and the soul. The yoga practice I bring is designed to nurture the whole self and empower growth. 

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