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Vibrational Sound Table

The Serenity Space Vibrational Sound Therapy Binaural Beats Brain Entrainment

The healing effects of Sound Therapy that you can actually FEEL

Immerse yourself in a total mind, body and emotional therapeutic session with our custom Vibrational Sound Table, featuring high powered frequency speakers that emit a low vibration deep into the body.  The frequencies and bio-healing music work to rejuvenate the cells in your body, strengthen and support the organs, and release chronic tension and pain from the muscles and bones.

To help relax tight muscles and increase blood circulation during your session, we add-on our specialty, infrared therapy mat. Utilizing hot stone therapy amplified by specific gemstones, our mat is a natural conductor of far infrared rays and negative ions.

We offer 30, 60, or 90 minute custom sessions. Prices range from $49 up to $119 for the hour and a half.

See our FAQ section if you have any more questions, or you may call/email us.

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Intro Offer - 4 Classes for $39

If you're new to our studio be sure to grab this amazing deal! Offering 4 classes of your choice for only $39.

* classes valid for 2 weeks from time of sale date (excludes Workshops and hour long Sound Bath events)


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