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There’s a lot More to Getting a Massage than Just Feeling Good

There’s a lot More to Getting a Massage than Just Feeling Good

In the hands of the right practitioner, a massage can heal you on a level far deeper than just the surface through muscle memory. In short, it’s believed that when specific trauma occurs, our body attempts to protect itself by unleashing the “fight or flight” response, and in turn, some of the trauma is stored away in our tissue, muscles, and major organs.

One common misconception about massage therapy is that it’s just about being pampered.  Sure, massages feel nice – but they’re healthy too!  Massage therapy can be an excellent supplement to a wide range of other types of medical care.  Even if you don’t have any specific medical issues, there are many situations where a massage can genuinely help you feel better and have a healthier body.

Here are just a few of the cases where a massage goes beyond feeling good.

You Don’t Sleep Well
When you have sleep issues your overall body is stressed, with pains, and an inability to relax.  Massage therapy loosens the muscles, reduces pain, and puts the body in a much more relaxed state entirely. It also encourages the release of serotonin – a hormone vital for proper sleep. If you find yourself relying on sleep aids or alcohol to sleep, a massage might be a much better alternative.

Poor Posture 
No judgments here. There are a lot of people who are stuck in desk jobs, hunched over a computer, and there’s not much they can do about it. Poor posture can cause a wide variety of health issues – including back pain, indigestion, and even heart problems. A Massage can help you keep your spine and back straight while reducing any pain caused by sitting all day..

Speeds Healing Time of Sports Injuries
If you’ve hurt yourself playing sports, or from other strenuous physical work, few things are better at speeding your recovery than sports massages.  They prevent your muscles from tensing up or losing definition while encouraging blood flow to the areas of the body which need to heal.  Massage can also significantly reduce the pain of sports injuries as well, which further helps encourage healing.

Since 2007 Massage & Wellness SPA Largo has offered a wide variety of massage and bodywork services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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